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For my final year project I devised the concept for a culture festival with the aim of stealthily raising awareness about the flawed asylum system in Ireland; Direct Provision. Vibrance, a festival which foregrounds music, food, fashion and art from
the various cultures living in Ireland. The main aim being to
raise awareness about Direct Provision, without this being the explicit ‘theme.’ The hope is the festival could act as an outlet for people living in Direct Provision; an opportunity for them to feel empowered by their culture, not defined by their circumstance.


Just me!


Mar – Jun 2020

Alex Connolly Vibrance
Festival Map
Alex Connolly Vibrance
Festival Map Detail
Alex Connolly Vibrance
Ticket Front and Back
Alex Connolly Vibrance
Ticket Variations
Alex Connolly Vibrance
Festival Structure Concept